Interac Go
An app that creates a better experience for money transfers.
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What's this project about?

This project is about reimagining what Canadians call 'e-transfers'. Creating a more streamlined way to send money from one person to another through a dedicated app rather than fragmented experiences within a multitude of banking apps.

What problems are we solving?

Problem 1
  • Currently the e-transfer experience is different for each bank. This means that the user has to re-learn the e-transfer experience for each bank they use which ultimately makes for a poor user experience.
Problem 2
  • There's an opportunity for users to leverage e-transfer to conduct business transactions. Currently, it's only used for casual transactions such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

What's the solution?

An app dedicated to money transfers that makes it easy, safe, and quick to transfer money from one person to another. It also opens up for small businesses to use, with the advantage of lower costs.


A dedicated mobile application that lets users easily facilitate transactions

Inspired primarily by Cash App in the US, Interac Go not only gives users a streamlined way of conducting their transactions but also makes it easier for users to conduct business transactions with potentially lower merchant fees.


What is Interac?

Interac is a Canadian company that facilitates electronic transactions and financial services. They facilitate debit card transactions in Canada and facilitate 'e-transfer' transactions, which are peer-to-peer financial transactions that directly take funds from one person's account to another.

What are the current quirks?

- Integration
Compared to the US where there's Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle, the biggest difference is that Interac is directly integrated into the Canadian banking system, whereas the companies in the United States operate independently.

- Transaction Speed
On average, e-transfers happen slower compared to transactions that happen on Cash App, Venmo, or Zelle.

- Fees
Interac currently charges a merchant fee per debit transaction but no fees for peer-to-peer e-transfers.

What is Interac Go?

Interac Go is an app similar to CashApp, where users get a dedicated place to make their e-transfer transactions and also enable streamlined business transactions.

user value

How does this app add user value, relative to what their current experience?

This app would add user value in two main ways:

  • A better and more consistent e-transfer experience. Users will no longer need to navigate through their own bank's unique e-transfer flow.
  • Small businesses can now conduct transactions at a lower cost due to lower merchant fees.

business value

What's the ROI that's being proposed?

Interac would make money by having users would have to pay a small percentage withdrawal fee that takes funds directly to their bank account.

User scenarios

1. Signing up

2. Send funds

3. Requesting Funds

3. Sending funds with QR scan

poking holes

1. How will business users keep track of their sales using the app?

In a fully developed app experience, users will be able to export their transaction history for tax purposes.

2. Is this app secure?

The security of the app will be up to the standards of Interac, which have a track record of being very secure.

3. Will users get a receipt for their transaction?

Yes, a digital receipt will be given to a user who made a transaction with a business account. This receipt will entail information such as the date and amount.

4. Will the user's account be linked directly to their bank?

Yes, user accounts are securely linked directly to the bank account associated with their debit card in which they signed up for.

5. Will both the sender and recipient need the app in order to exchange funds?

Only the sender needs to have the app. Recipients will receive their funds directly in their bank account.