In-app donation box


I independently design a solution that let Canadian millennials to be more actively engaged in donating to charitable organizations.

The solution involves rounding up user transactions from their Tangerine debit and or credit card and having the amount donated to a charitable organization of their choice. It’s made to be easy to set up and use while still offering the more traditional option of donating larger lump-sum amounts. After a donation, users are able to see their impact on the campaigns.

Here's the flow for making a donation:


Solo product designer


Capstone project


Hungry and curious

This project started while I was in a McDonald’s drive-thru and saw what looked like to be a donation box. I asked myself:

Do people still use physical donation boxes?
Do people still donate with cash?


Secondary research


of Canadian baby boomers donate money to charities in any given year, compared to only...


for the millennial generation.

Setting goals

With such a significant disparity, I decided to set myself two primary research goals.

Research goals

a) Get the deepest possible understanding of Canadian millennial donation habits.

b) Understand my competitors and what's been tried or already exists in this problem space.


Out of all the competitors I researched, the Samsung goals app stood out to be the strongest competitor in my problem space. It’s engaging, doesn’t involve physical cash, and doesn’t even involve the user spending their own money!

This gave me a focal point with regards to my user research.

Narrowing down...

What’s keeping Canadian millennials with financial means from donating?

Understanding the users

After interviewing 6 Canadian millennials about their experiences making charitable donations, here’s what I found.

Interview insights


With my research findings, I took to creating some artifacts such as a user persona, user stories, and user journey map in order to get a better idea on what type of solution would best serve users.

Mary White

$40,000/ year
The Giver


Pain points

How might we...

Encourage and or help Canadian millennials with financial means to donate to charitable organizations by making the process more convenient and engaging?


Idea A - Digital wallet donation box

An app that enables digital wallet transactions to be rounded up and donated to a charitable organization of the user's choice.

Key user values

Idea B - Charitable store locator

An app that shows nearby stores that are willing to donate a portion of what you spend at the store.

Key user values

Choosing the idea

I decided to go with the digital wallet donation box idea because i believe it had more potential to create user value. Because of time restrictions, I was called to choose one task within this idea to prototype. I chose the task of viewing donations and donation impact because it's the most compelling task out of all the user stories I created.



The original name for my solution within the parameters of my project's guidelines was token. I landed on this name after thinking about the connotations I wanted my app to take on, the utility of my solution, and thinking about the common adage: “token of appreciation”.


I looked for colors associated with the utility of my solution. This included colors associated with generosity, harmony, giving, finance, simplicity.

Icon & wordmark


TOKEN   |    LO-FI
TOKEN   |   

Feasibility & pivoting

I came to realize that the original idea of connecting a user’s digital wallet to an app and rounding up transactions would not be feasible from a developmental feasibility standpoint. The function of rounding up transactions would only work within the bank's jurisdiction. With this, I decided to reconstruct and reframe my solution as a feature/product within the existing Tangerine banking app.


Redevelop the solution as a feature/product within Tangerine’s banking app and round up transactions from the user's Tangerine spending accounts (credit and or debit cards) rather than from their digital wallet.



Technical viability

My original idea of having a third party application that can connect to a person's digital wallet and round up transactions was a bit ambitious. I didn't know if it was developmentally viable or think thoroughly about potential security concerns. In retrospect, I should have consulted with a senior designer before I went further with my app's design iterations.

Is it developmentally feasible?

Validate ideas and consider technical viability before investing more time into additional design iterations.

Next steps

The "share with friends" feature is something that I think has a lot of potential if done right. I would likely do more user testing and research to determine the following:

Further research

a) Would people actually post on their Instagram story and how do they feel about publicizing their personal contributions?

b) How can users who see the Instagram story potentially interact with it and go about making their own donation?

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