Web app design sprint


I worked in a team of 6 designers in a weeklong sprint to create a web app that expedites the internal recipe ideation process at HelloFresh. The challenge was proposed by HelloFresh in partnership with BrainStation.


Shannon Wackett
Jessica Hendren
Albert Lee
Andrea Lau
Naomi Mackeown
Dio Wong (me)


Content Designer
Sprint Facilitator


School project


Design brief

HelloFresh first gave us a design brief that contextualized their current internal recipe development process and how they facilitate each step. They gave us the following challenge:

Problem Statement

“How can we help Recipe Developers create more recipes than what they create currently, without hiring in new resources?”


Leveraging our connections

We spoke with a Senior Product Manager at HelloFresh, an Executive Chef at Food Dudes, and a Product Designer at HelloFresh. We asked them questions about the R&D process in order to get some general direction and decide on a more specific problem to tackle. Here’s our main takeaways.

R&D process insights


Seeing that ideation was the most significant hurdle in the R&D process, we chose to aim our solution to tackle the ideation phase's core problems.

What's the goal?

Based on our insights, we set the goal of the ideation phase as "to quickly come up with potential food combination ideas for customers to enjoy in their meal kit"

How might we...

Expedite the ideation process for recipe developers so that HelloFresh can create more recipes without hiring new resources?


Utilizing customer feedback

After ideating, our team agreed upon a solution that resolves around helping recipe developers ideate new recipes by contextualizing customer feedback on past meals.

The solution

The idea is to give developers a better idea on what recipes consumers have enjoyed in the past and incorporate elements of those recipes into the ideation of new recipes.

Value proposition

We thought about how the development of our solution might deliver value to users and ultimately HelloFresh as a company.

Value to HelloFresh


Inspiration & Design

Information on how other meal prep organizations facilitate their ideation process wasn’t available to us so we took it upon ourselves to find third party solutions dedicated to recipe ideation. We identified compelling ideas, components, and features from each finding and considered them in our initial sketches.

Narrowing down

We repeated the process again, extracting ideas, features, and components from our sketches and incorporating them into our lo-fi wireframes.

Content design

Part of my responsibility was to assist with content design in our prototype. Given our solution, I thought about how to contextualize customer feedback in a way that would be the most useful from a recipe developer's point of view. Here's a modal I designed.


We did one round of testing with student peers. Because they weren't "users" in the sense that they weren't part of the internal R&D process at HelloFresh, it was difficult to determine if our solution actually solved the problem. Much of the feedback we got was related the UI and interaction, which was still of great utility to us.


In retrospect, I think I could have made this into a carousel so that users can get through more consumer feedback.

Full Prototype


Too many chefs in the kitchen!

From a facilitator’s perspective, 6 people in a sprint may be a few too many. In the ideation phase, it was hard to get through each person's idea while being cognizant of time.

Testing the right people

We conducted user testing with student peers which resulted in great feedback on usability but did not get any feedback on whether or not the problem was actually solved. I believe that validating the overarching idea of the solution should have been prioritized over validating usability.

Next steps

In further development of our solution, I believe testing would be the number one priority.

User testing

The time parameters given in the scope of the project did not accommodate for testing of actual recipe developers. I think this will be critical for our solution's further development.

Consumer testing

In order for our idea to work as intended, consumers would need to give sufficient feedback on dishes they’ve tried. Testing needs to be done to see how we can optimize the feedback received or if they're willing to give feedback at all.

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